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The modularity of iFAMS allows you to add modules and options at any time as needed. If you're not sure what you need right away, start out with the core modules, and then build in additional features as you go. This allows you to ease into the application at a minimum entry cost, and only add the features you will actually use.

In addition to the modules described above (Asset Management System, Inventory and Purchasing System, User Customization System), the following optional modules are available:

Option Description
Asset Tracking

Tracks the current location of movable assets, who moved them and whenthey were moved. Keeps a record of previous locations.

Multi-Site / Enterprise

The Multi Site option is designed to allow physically or organizationally separate operations to run iFAMS from the same database. This allows users to view inventories at multiple sites, use the same vendors, etc., while still maintaining separate assets, parts, work orders, purchase orders, etc. In addition, managers with enterprise-wide security clearance can view information and run reports on the entire organization.

iFAMS Mobile (Barcoding + PDA)

iFAMS Mobile provides a fast, easy and accurate way to collect data. Reduce your data entry errors and save time. iFAMS Mobile comes bundled with the Barcode Option, which provides a complete solution for going paperless. Read more...

Key Management

Full fledged Key Management for tracking Keys, Key Rings, Key Holders, Doors, Buildings, Cylinders and Cabinets. Also handles requests for keys, and integrates with Work Orders for re-keying of doors.

Refrigerant Tracking

Tracks refrigerant usage/recovery, labor certifications, etc.

Tenant Management

Track tenants, including demographic data, leasing information, manager information, etc.


Attach scanned drawings and diagrams, CAD drawings, etc., to Assets, Inventory, PMs / Work Orders, and Purchase Orders.

  • View or print images on demand or print them with Work Orders/Purchase Orders.
  • Save time and money by issuing schematics, parts lists, required procedures, safety instructions, etc. when you issue the work order without having to type in the information.
  • View / Zoom / Resize and Flip / Mirror / Rotate images.

The Calibration option allows for the testing of instruments and other devices using up to five different standards. It also allows for the storing of information and data associated with those tests for later reference andevaluation.

The Calibration option in combination with the User Customization option allows for the creation of user specific calibration forms and certificates, adjustment of calibration window headings which match user terminology, and adjustment of calibration data output to other programs for analysis.

Work Request

Provides a separate table for work/service requests which must be approved before becoming new work orders.

For example, let a help desk attendant enter all call-in and walk-in requests as work/service requests. Then have a manager review them later and, if approved, make them into work orders at the touch of a button.

Web Request

Allows you to submit and status Work/Service Requests to iFAMS via any web browser.


Automatically sends out web-based surveys to requesters of Service Requests when the work order is completed. Allows for creating your own surveys, which you can tailor for different types of requests. Run monthly reports to track the satisfaction of your customers!

Email Delivery

Email reports and forms - including Work Orders and Purchase Orders - as Adobe PDF documents or multi-page TIFF image files.

Pager Alert

Notify supervisors and/or personnel via text messages to pagers or cell phones when a job requires their attention.

This can be set up to happen automatically as work orders are created, or on demand as necessary.

Self-Serve Stock Room

Provides a secure interface for locating, issuing and returning parts in an unattended stockroom, without allowing access to other areas of the application.

Locate parts by Part Number, Part Name, Manufacturer's Part Number or simply by browsing a drill-down tree structure based locations, categories, commodity codes, stock classes, etc. Scan in images of your parts, and they will show up on-screen when the part has been located.

Print Routing

When a work order is to be printed, this option allows it to be easily and automatically sent to any printer on your network.

Simply select the appropriate service group when the work order is created, and that work order will be printed on that service group's printer.

Enhanced Security

Enhances the standard security system by scheduling password changes, enforcing good password selection, preventing use of recently used passwords, and implementing intruder lockout by disabling user accounts if a certain number of unsuccessful attempts have been made at logging in using that account.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Package (Audit Trail)

21 CFR Part 11 is a stringent final rule dealing with Electronic Records issued under the Department of Health and Human Services - Food and Drug Administration Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) - 21 CFR Part 11 dated March 20, 1997.

MicroWest has worked closely with large Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech and Life Sciences companies to develop and implement a packaged set of features that makes iFAMS easy to validate under these regulations.

MicroWest's package is viewed by many companies specializing in software validation as well ahead of its competitors. The package includes an internal, human-readable Audit Trail of all activities and changes related to critical components, procedures and security, and enhanced security features, such as intruder lockout, automatic logout after idle time, and scheduled password changes.

MicroWest does not perform validation services itself, but does offer a Validation Protocol Package to help accelerate the customer's validation process. Validation is performed by the customer, who may contract it to an outside Validation company. It is the customer's responsibility to validate the software and their process as defined by their own internal Standard Operating Procedures.


Keep track of the daily usage of your fleet! This option allows you to track each vehicle's fuel and oil usage, mileage and hours in use. If any of these parameters fall outside of an acceptable range, you will be alerted so that preventive maintenance can be performed.

Tool & Instrument Tracking

Integrates a sub-set of the TCS Tool Control System into iFAMS. Keep track of where all your tools are, who has them, and which jobs they are being used at, without having to maintain a separate tool control system.

Serialized Parts

This is an add-on to the standard Inventory system, and allows you to keep track of serialized parts. This option is especially useful when combined with the Repairable Parts option.

Substitute Parts

If a part on a work order is out of stock, this options allows you to easily find other parts that can be used in its place.

Repairable Parts

This is an add-on to the standard Inventory system, and allows you to keep track of repairable as well as disposable parts. When a repairable part is used to replace a defective one, the part is not taken out of inventory, but sent to repair. A work order can then be generated to repair that part.

Auto Logout / Auto Exit

If a workstation running iFAMS remains inactive for a given period of time, the application will automatically log out / exit the current user.

Central Depot Ordering

Allows purchasing for multiple sites to be done at one central depot. The central depot sends out purchase orders and receives parts, and then transfers the parts to the individual sites. Each site can track the status of the parts it has ordered, from purchase, to receiving at the central depot, while they are in transit, and then finally received at their own site.

Purchasing / Accounting / Financials Interface

iFAMS can be interfaced with most purchasing, accounting and financial applications, to exchange parts and service purchasing, receiving and budget accounts information. Call us to discuss interfacing with your particular application.

Predictive / External Event Interface

iFAMS can be interfaced with predictive maintenance modules and external event monitors, allowing for tight integration between your assets and iFAMS. For example, interface iFAMS with an event monitor on a machine to automatically generate work orders and page personnel when the machine's parameters fall outside of the normal range. Call us to discuss interfacing with your particular application.

Advanced Logistics

The AL module is used by Aerospace facilities to requisition parts in compliance with governmental regulations. It is integrated into the Inventory and Purchasing system, and interfaces with external procurement applications.

Custom Software

For a perfect fit for your company, we can make iFAMS do even more with custom features built to your exact requirements. We specialize in delivering cost-effective software solutions in a timely manner.





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