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MicroWest provides expert on-site and in-house design, implementation and consulting services for all product lines. Implementation is often combined with standard or custom classes.

Analysis, Design and Customization

We can help you make the most out of the highly flexible AMMS, iFAMS and TCS systems, working closely with you to analyze your situation, trouble-shoot and provide solutions. We can aid you in working one-on-one, creating custom reports, forms, interfaces with other software programs, and customizing data entry screens to fit the way you work.

We can also assist you in complying with special federal regulations, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for the Life Sciences industries. We will provide you with a special validation package and detailed test documentation to ensure that the validation procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Typical Implementation and Support Service Objectives include:

Typical Objectives

Identify & Design Goals
Identify Potential Obstacles
Identify & Design Interfaces
Data Conversion
Data Gathering
Design Data Entry Screens
Streamline Procedures and Keystrokes
Create Custom Reports and Forms

Continued Support and Training

After the initial implementation is completed, you can rely on the annual Support Plan for continued support, attend continuing education classes with our training program, and keep up to date by attending the regional User Meetings.





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