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The chart below shows how a typical Tool Crib solution can be put together using TCS. Each module is described in detail below.

Tool & Kit Management / Inventory & Purchasing These modules are the core of TCS. Read more about these modules here.
User Customization The User Customization System (UCS) makes TCS the most flexible tool management solution on the market, allowing for customized data entry screens, reports, forms, data import/export interfaces and much more. Read more about UCS here.
TCS Mobile / Barcoding The key to efficiency in a Tool Crib is barcoding. With a barcode on every Tool, Kit and Location in addition to bar-coded badges on personnel, checking in and out is fast and accurate. This module allows you to print barcode labels straight out of the TCS application. In addition, with TCS Mobile, the Tool Crib operator carries a Windows Mobile or Palm PDA with them. As they collect Tools and Kits and scan their barcodes, they are automatically checked in or out. With the wireless version, they can update the database in real time, as well as look up information live from the TCS database.
Imaging Allows for attaching and printing images and documents such as scanned drawings, CAD drawings, MS Word documents, etc. to Work Orders, Equipments, Parts, Purchase Orders, etc.
Tool Request Provides a separate table for tool requests. A technician enters a request for a list of tools, and a tool request form is automatically printed in the tool crib so that the attendant can go ahead and collect the tools. When the technician arrives at the tool crib, the tools are ready and waiting.
Email Delivery Email reports and forms - including Purchase Order Forms- as Adobe PDF documents or multi-page TIFF image files.
Purchasing / Accounting / Financials Interface TCS can be interfaced with most purchasing, accounting and financial applications, to exchange parts and service purchasing, receiving and budget accounts information. Call us to discuss interfacing with your particular application.




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