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AMMS is a highly modular maintenance management system that allows you to "build" just the right system for your needs based on a set of modules and options. Since you don't have to pay a premium for features that you will never use, your acquisition cost goes down, and you get a solution that is perfectly assembled for your particular industry. Once you have implemented the system, you can come back and add modules at any time - they are all fully integrated and interoperable.

Typical configurations

Using this system, MicroWest has created both generic and specialized solutions for a wide range of clients. Based on our 37+ years of experience in the CMMS / EAM and Tool Management business, we have assembled a list of typical configurations for several industries.

Create your own solution

If your industry does not fit into one of these categories, or the configuration listed does not fit just right for you, keep in mind that these are suggested configurations, and that you can put together your own using any of the available modules and options.





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