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MicroWest sells a range of hardware products that are used in conjunction with our software, or that our software runs on. Below is an excerpt from our standard product list. If there is a product that you would like to purchase that is not listed below, please let us know. We also sell complete hardware/software solutions including servers and all peripheral hardware; if you are interested, please call us.

To order, please call sales at 1-800-969-9699 (toll free) or 1-619-280-0440.

Ruggedized PDAs (Windows Mobile / Palm)

AMMS Mobile PDA and TCS Mobile PDA allow for mobile data entry, such as on-the-fly work orders, inventory and tool control, meter readings, asset tracking, fuel and mileage readings, etc. The following is a selected list of ruggedized PDAs, although the software will run on most Windows Mobile and Palm PDAs. These devices are also available in wireless versions, so that you can update directly from the PDA without having to synchronize it at a computer.

Product ID Product Description
Zebra MC55x Rugged Wi-Fi enterprise mobile computer with barcode scanner, imager, and wireless WWAN/WLAN/WPAN. Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic Edition. Qwerty or numeric keypad.
Zebra MC75 Premium 3.5G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA). Comes with barcode scanner, imager, wireless WWAN/WLAN/WPAN, and mobile phone with push-to-talk capability. Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional. Qwerty or numeric keypad.
Symbol SPT 1800 PDA with barcode scanner and Palm OS.


Barcode Label Printers

Product ID Product Description
Zebra Industrial Printer Industrial barcode label printer. Width: 4". All metal.
Zebra Industrial Midsize Industrial barcode label printer. Width: 4". Easy to use.
Zebra Small Desktop barcode label printer.


Barcode Scanners

Product ID Product Description
Zebra USB Scanner USB Barcode scanner. Budget priced.
Zebra Bluetooth Scanner Bluetooth Barcode scanner. Great for Tablets.
Zebra Rugged Scanner Rugged barcode scanner. Features fuzzy logic for accurate reading of dirty or damaged barcode labels.


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