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When purchasing a CMMS / EAM / FAMS system, most companies have already generated a fair amount of data, which is contained either in an existing system, or simply in spreadsheets and text documents. This data is usually invaluable to continued operation, and must therefore be converted into new data formats in order to work with the new software system.

Specialized Data Conversion Services

Since converting data to a new system often requires an intricate knowledge of both the system you are converting from, and the system you are converting to, the process can be tricky and time-consuming for an inexperienced user.

In order to streamline the process for you, MicroWest Software provides specialized data conversion services. Whether it involves a simple map between tables in a SQL database, or data extraction from an older, proprietary system, we will be able to move your data into your new MicroWest solution. Data conversion is often a part of an Implementation package.

Built-in Data Conversion Features

With the User Customization System (UCS), you will be able to perform some data import yourself using the Custom Text Import feature. If you have data in a formatted text file, you can create your own field map to import the data directly into your database.





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