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MicroWest Software has been a leading supplier of computer software products and professional services for business and industry since 1984.

Specializing in maintenance, facility and asset management, MicroWest’s Advanced Maintenance Management System (AMMS) has helped our customers gain control of the management of their operations. This has resulted in reduced costs in inventory, labor and asset management, decreased downtime, and increased productivity across all divisions.

MicroWest’s ultimate product is quality and service. Our innovative, easy-to-use software is developed with the needs of actual users factored into the features and functions offered in our product sets. Technical support, user training, consulting and custom software services provide our customers with the most optimum balance of product and service available. Providing superior customer service has always been and continues to be the driving force of the company.

For more information about the company or its products, please contact MicroWest at 1-800-969-9699 (USA, Canada - toll-free), or +1-619-280-0440.





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