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The modularity of TCS allows you to add modules and options at any time as needed. If you're not sure what you need right away, start out with the core modules, and then build in additional features as you go. This allows you to ease into the application at a minimum entry cost, and only add the features you will actually use.

In addition to the modules described above (Tool & Kit Management System, Inventory and Purchasing System, User Customization System), the following optional modules are available:

Option Description

Attach scanned drawings and diagrams, CAD drawings, etc., to Tools, Kits and Purchase Orders.

  • View or print images on demand or print them with Purchase Orders.
  • Save time and money by issuing schematics, parts lists, required procedures, safety instructions, etc. when you issue the work order without having to type in the information.
  • View / Zoom / Resize and Flip / Mirror / Rotate images.

TCS Mobile (Barcoding + PDA)

TCS Mobile provides a fast, easy and accurate way to collect data. Reduce your data entry errors and save time. TCS Mobile comes bundled with the Barcode Option, which provides a complete solution for going paperless. Read more...

Tool Request

Provides a separate table for tool requests. A technician enters a request for a list of tools, and a tool request form is automatically printed in the tool crib so that the attendant can go ahead and collect the tools. When the technician arrives at the tool crib, the tools are ready and waiting.

Web Request

Allows you to submit and status Tool Requests and Purchase Requests via any web browser.

Auto Exit

If a workstation running TCS remains inactive for a given period of time, the application will automatically exit.

Email Delivery

Email reports and forms - including Purchase Order Forms- as Adobe PDF documents or multi-page TIFF image files.

Purchasing / Accounting / Financials Interface

TCS can be interfaced with most purchasing, accounting and financial applications, to exchange parts and service purchasing, receiving and budget accounts information. Call us to discuss interfacing with your particular application.

Custom Software

For a perfect fit for your company, we can make TCS do even more with custom features built to your exact requirements. We specialize in delivering cost-effective software solutions in a timely manner.





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