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AMMS can grow with your needs simply by adding options or modules as desired, at any time. The primary, or core, modules, are the Equipment Management System and the Inventory and Purchasing System, which are both fully integrated with each other.

Equipment Management System (EMS)

EMS provides you with a comprehensive, yet easy to use equipment and work order system. EMS includes the Equipment, PM, Work Order, Work History, Labor and Scheduling, Labor Activity as well as Vendor and Budgets. There is also an optional Work Request module.

  • Setup Preventive Maintenance

    Generate PMs by calendar date, meter usage, or both - whatever suits your needs. AMMS provides for Seasonal PM periods, as well as PM "children" and other PM groupings. Procedures enable you to set up Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Procedures. AMMS also provides powerful PM Projection reports. As you set up PMs, AMMS can automatically add new Equipments to the Equipment table.

  • Work Request / Work Order / Work History

    Tasks can begin as requests awaiting approval, or be entered directly into Work Order. Work Order tracks complete task descriptions, standard operating procedures, checklists and tools needed, as well as detailed cost information by labor, parts and outside contractors. Completed work orders are moved to Work History. Costs are charged to each equipment, master equipment and budget accounts.

  • Labor / Labor Activity

    The Labor table maintains detailed information on each employee including craft, overtime, sick time, vacation time, training time, personal information and four different pay rates per person. Labor Activity allows daily time sheets to be entered which can automatically update and create work orders.

  • Budget Accounts

    The Budget table keeps running totals of maintenance and purchasing costs (labor, materials and outside costs) by Account / Cost Center by period per year. You may define any fiscal or calendar year, and up to 52 separate periods. On-screen calculations show actual vs. budgeted amounts.

Inventory and Purchasing System (IPS)

The IPS module is available as a complete Inventory Purchasing program, and includes the Inventory, Inventory Activity, Order Parts, Purchase Order, Purchase History and Vendor tables. The purchasing system can be interfaced with any other external purchasing or budgeting software you may be using.

  • Set up Inventory

    As you order parts, AMMS can automatically add new spare parts to your Inventory table, and new Vendors to your Vendor table. Get three jobs done at the same time!

  • The Inventory table maintains complete part information - total quantity on hand with multiple separate locations for each part, quantity on order, quantities required and allocated, min/max quantities, re-order points and automatic Order Below Re-order Point functions.

  • Each part can be set up with ordering information for multiple Vendors, and a Manufacturer's Cross Reference for each item. Parts can be requisitioned through the Order Parts table or directly through Purchase Orders. Parts are received through Purchase Order, Inventory Activity or through the Barcode scanning system.

Another core module is the User Customization System(UCS), which is unique to MicroWest products.





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